Meet Milli, your personal healthcare companion

Milli is an Artificially Intelligent health coach that learns about you and helps guide you to better health.

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Everyone wants to do what’s best for their health, but it’s hard to know what’s really going to work or where to start. Even harder is staying with a treatment program to reach your goals.

Many factors conspire to prevent people from sticking to their treatment programs. But a few are most telling:


“All of that medical jargon doesn’t make much sense to me but I don’t want to bother the doctor with my silly questions.”


“I feel just fine. Why would I take medicine or change my lifestyle if I don’t need it?”


“Taking 5 pills every day and sticking to a diet is hard. How am I supposed to keep track of everything?”


“I want to get special care but they said it would cost several hundred dollars!”

How do we fix this problem?

By using technology to empower each person to manage their overall wellness.

You need a clear picture of your health. It’s time to create your own digital twin.

Milli combines medical records with biological, nutritional, adherence, medical device, wearable, and environmental data and analyzes it using cutting-edge AI and evidence-based medical knowledge.

Wellness Marketplace

Why use 10 apps when you can just use one? Milli has an open framework to help find and integrate data and content from 3rd party products and services such as medical tests, wellness services, medical devices, insurance, concierge medicine and much more!


Milli protects patient confidentiality while furthering innovation and care. Milli uses DOD-level encryption of data in motion and at rest and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Milli NudgeAI Logo

Technology built to nudge and gently change behavior… because everyone needs a little nudge sometimes!

Nudge Engine

Milli’s unique NudgeAI engine learns about you and reaches out with evidence-based alerts, reminders, insights, positive encouragement, and negative reinforcement at the times you need it the most so you don’t lose momentum on achieving your wellness goals! Better health is a nudge away.

Personalised for you

Milli’s simple, familiar interface hides her powerful intelligence. Behind the scenes, artificial intelligence and behavioral modeling enable her to offer a tailored, human experience based on each user’s needs.

Some people need a drill sergeant on their back, some people need someone a little more huggable. Milli matches her personality with yours!

Be rewarded for healthy living

Every action you take with Milli earns you points, from logging your breakfast and taking your medication to seeing your doctor and going to the gym. You can redeem points for health-related products, services or activities from a national network of retailers.

This powerful new approach lets you more accurately and holistically assess your current health and predict your future health needs like never before.

Introducing Milli

Milli is a health coach and personal companion that helps you understand and manage your overall wellness.


For consumers

Milli communicates with you almost entirely through text and picture messages – she reaches out when you need to do something or when she has something important to tell you.

She’s friendly and supportive.

– She gets to know you
– She keeps track of your regimen
– She helps you remember medications
– She manages doctors appointments
– She cheers you on
– She monitors your real-time vitals
– She checks up on you
– She educates you
– She tracks your diet
– She suggests tips to help you live well

… and the list goes on.

  • Intake
    Milli Intake Screenshot
  • Reminders
    Milli Reminders Screenshot
  • Planning
    Milli Plans Screenshot
  • Alerts
    Milli Alerts Screenshot
Milli Doctor Dashboard

For care providers

Milli will allow care providers to see a more holistic view of their patient’s health. Contact us to learn more.

All the control

Patients need help adhering to their prescribed treatment plans, and that’s where Milli comes in, but those plans still need to come from trained doctors.

All the data

Milli empowers doctors with AI-driven insights and alerts, and the ability to track adherence and communicate directly with their patients. This context can help them get an overall “state of my patient” in as little time as possible.

This looks like the beginning of a very healthy relationship