We’re on a mission to help every doctor gain the clinical wisdom to use precision medicine to prevent, halt, and reverse chronic disease.

Medical Intelligence Learning Labs, Inc (Milli) is a registered Public Benefit Corporation focusing on developing clinical protocols and technology solutions that will improve the practice of medicine for the benefit of all mankind.

Established: January, 2018
Funding: Hopes and Dreams
Team: 11 people
Coffee budget: way too much

Our Mission

Adapted from the essay “The Future Of Medicine” written by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Helen Messier, Ph.D. / M.D.

We live in an age of fragmented medical care. A patient today sees a cardiologist for their heart, a dermatologist for their skin, and a therapist for their mental health, along with another dozen or so specialists that leave practitioners without the comprehensive patient knowledge a family doctor once enjoyed.

Every doctor learns something new from each interaction with every patient, but that knowledge doesn’t always make it into their medical history; how could it? Put simply; there just isn’t a way for the internist to quickly convey to the gastroenterologist everything they’ve learned from years of treating a patient.

The goal is for a doctor that has it all; the knowledge of a lifetime of treating the same patient, and the specialization to solve a current ailment. A single doctor that knows everything, and can do everything. However, no human mind can know everything, and no doctor can master every specialization.

With Milli, doctors can leverage technology to become an expert in many areas. Milli will collect every single bit of data about a patient, from symptoms and measurements to dietary habits and micro-level genomics and metabolomic data quickly, and translate all of this information to a comprehensive database. The database needs to be open, where everyone could contribute, and everyone could benefit, and those who contribute would benefit both financially as well as philosophically.

In the future, Milli will become a self-teaching AI that learns from millions of doctor/patient interactions. An omniscient super-doctor able to work from the largest imaginable sample size of case histories and yet intimately familiar with the specifics of each patient’s wellness journey. A system that turns every doctor into the family doctor with the diagnostic capabilities of a specialist. The perfect resource, immune to bias or small sample sizes, getting smarter and smarter with every single patient interaction.

As patient data is consumed and medical science progresses, the platform continues to learn and correct itself with perfect recall and objectivity. With diligent data-collection, it tracks not only treatments but outcomes and aftercare, potentially finding connections that no one practitioner could ever imagine, allowing doctors to make better diagnoses and treatments.

Imagine plugging a patient’s name and ailments into a machine and in seconds having every bit of relevant medical information and a recommended diagnostic course. Imagine a personal health assistant like Alexa or Siri that could answer every spur-of-the-moment health question a patient had with the specificity of a family doctor. Imagine if they could monitor and encourage adherence to treatment plans while nudging patients—unobtrusively and only with their permission—towards healthier choices. Imagine if patients and practitioners, even in the most remote, isolated, or disadvantaged places in the world, had instant access to all the same knowledge and expertise as The Mayo Clinic.

Then imagine that you don’t really have to imagine at all; the technology to advance such a system is already available, but it will require hundreds of thousands if not millions of patient/doctor interactions before it will be a viable resource, as well as millions of dollars of investment for the development of an advanced artificial medical intelligence system.

This is the mission of Milli. We have a detailed, comprehensive strategy to bring this vision to market, and are assembling a team of the leading doctors, scientists, technologists, developers, AI gurus, and product designers that have the experience and the drive to make this vision a reality.

Want to join us? email: jobs (at) millihealth.com

Small Team. Big Dreams

Our mission is to create the clearest picture of an individual’s wellness and empower everyone with the best health possible. We’re making healthcare simple and intuitive using data, design, and a whole lot of empathy. Our team has decades of experience in AI, Software Development, and Healthcare.

James Costantini
Chief Executive Officer
Helen Messier Ph.D. / M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Matt Doering
Chief Technology Officer
Mike MacKenty
Chief Operating Officer

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